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We are a software solution provider located in San Rafael. California.

Our goal is to assist organizations to reduce cost and increase productivity by managing information more efficiently, accurately, and reliably with our Agile Business Utility Systems (abusSolutions).

We move your day to day paper-processing to a secure online process or in-house database:

  • Eliminating duplication.

  • Improving accuracy.

  • Enabling greater access to the information
    while in the office or on the road.

We will integrate your Web site with a data driven backend, providing up to date information to your clients.

  • We provide the best in Electronic Communication, delivering consistent messaging from a single source, to multiple locations or units within each location.

  • We provide applications to manage Educational Institutions at the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary levels.

  • We are in Renewables, developing data management systems in Waste to Energy, Solar and Wind energy operations

  • When ever you need to manage information more efficiently, we can help.

In the Caribbean we operate as abusTechnology, inc.

Our core capability covers expertise in a broad spectrum of software application development including; Microsoft.NET, Php, MySQL, FileMaker Pro, Java Tomcat servlets, XML, Web services, Applied ODBC/JDBC connectivity. We contract additional resources that include industry experts, subject matter experts and project management consultants.

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